A Team of Visionaries

A Team of Visionaries

Behind every successful company is a team of dedicated individuals whose passion and commitment are simply unrivalled. PropNex is no different. Known for their immense wisdom, these are the men responsible for the company’s incredible achievements. Read on and discover what drives them, their beliefs, as well as their inspirations.

Mohamed Ismail Gafoore

Mohamed Ismail Gafoore, CEO

At the helm of Singapore’s largest real estate company is of course a man of great stature—Mohamed Ismail Gafoor. As CEO of PropNex, Ismail brings with him a rare fighting spirit that built for him a successful career in the army as a regular officer.

Joseph LeeJoseph Lee, DIRECTOR

Being one of PropNex’s co-founders, Joseph Lee’s personal principles are naturally in tandem with the company’s core values of honesty, integrity and ethics. He’s also a steadfast believer in continuous self-improvement—in ideas, quality and customer satisfaction; for both PropNex’s employees and himself.

Alan Lim, 

Alan Lim’s first foray into the property sector was in 1992 when he joined a leading real estate company as a full-time associate. Despite being relatively new in the industry, he quickly learned the ropes and bagged the Agent of the Month award. It was the start of many more great things to come.


Lim Yong Hock joined the property scene in 1994. Despite making virtually no sale in the initial months, his tireless persistence was finally rewarded when he transacted property deals that netted him over $5 million commission in just two months.